I am Simon Dann, a Digital Media Developer by day and slightly regretting the decision to add a colophon to this website. My day to day activities involve writing and debugging web based applications for the pharma industry.

This website, photogabble, acts as a central repository for all my ramblings and experiments and was originally founded on the 30th July 2004.


Folding at home

Since November 2014 I have been donating the spare CPU cycles of computers I use to the Folding @ Home team. They have a cool NACL app that will run in most versions of Google Chrome, turning any computer with that browser into a folding machine, click here to give it a go.

Reading List

Saying that I quite enjoy reading, is much like saying a fish enjoys water; I love to read. Unfortunately I rarely have the time any more to spend reading for more than a handful of hours a week and yet the list of books I buy to read keeps growing. Below is my attempt at some order in deciding what I should read next along with links to my own synopsis of the books that I have already read - it is of course written using Harvard referencing.

One day this may end up with its own section of the website...

  • New Scientist (2013). Nothing: From absolute zero to cosmic oblivion - amazing insights into nothingness. London: Profile Books Ltd.
  • Bill Turnbull (2011). The bad beekeepers club: how I stubled into the curious world of bees - and became (perhaps) a better person. London: Sphere.
  • Michio Kaku (2009). Physics of the impossible: A scientific exploration of the world of phasers, force fields, teleportation and time travel. London: Penguin Books.
  • Sean Carroll (2013). The particle at the end of the universe: The hunt for the Higgs and the discovery of a new world. London: Oneworld Publications.
  • Ray Bradbury (2008). The Matrian Chronicles. London: Harper Collins Publishers.
  • Chad Orzel (2012). How to teach relativity to your dog. New York: Basic Books.

Sources & Acknowledgements

Unless the image is by myself, the source of any page cover image is acknowledged as a text link within the bottom right of the image. I do this regardless of if the artist has licensed the work under CC0 simply because I feel acknowledging authorship of works is important. I will also acknowledge any resource not of my own creation used within the body of a page, as a reference within that pages footnotes.

There are some resources used that are licensed for reuse with attribution, however their usage doesn't lend to attribution in place so I have listed them below.