Alexander, J. and Sandahl, I. (2016). The Danish way of parenting. London: Piatkus.

I bought this book soon after my wife Debbie and I discovered we were going to have a baby and in all honesty it remained on the bookshelf, somewhat forgotten until my daughter reached the age of 18 months old. It was around that time when Debbie began looking for books to help us get through the difficult toddler phase and help our daughter grow and progress in the best way possible. It was Debbie whom stumbled upon this book on my bookshelf and it was once again Debbie who upon having read it, prompted me to do so too – and I am glad I did.

The book brings to the table extensive research and an honest first hand experience by Alexander on how her own parenting has been influenced and enriched by her husbands Danish culture. I have often wondered myself why "people" say that the Danes are the happiest people on the planet and it certainly does have something to do with how they are brought up.

From my own experience this book has taught valuable lessons and provided light in what had begun to appear as a very long, dark tunnel and it is most certainly a book that I recommend any parent, or in fact any one with an anthropological interest read.